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uParcel provides a wide range of services, from 3 hours express for urgent deliveries including same-day, and next-day.

Delivery Partner for Cake Shops & Flower Shops

Elevate Your Cake and Flower Shop Deliveries with uParcel

Are you a cake shop or flower shop owner in search of reliable delivery partners? Look no further! uParcel is your trusted delivery agent, ensuring your delicate creations and beautiful bouquets reach your customers promptly and in perfect condition.


1. Timely Deliveries, Every Time

In the world of cakes and flowers, timing is everything. Our delivery agents are dedicated to ensuring your products arrive at their destination precisely when they're needed. With uParcel, you can offer same-day or scheduled deliveries to delight your customers.


Our Speciality

a) Express 3-Hour Delivery: Imagine your freshly baked cakes or beautiful bouquets reaching your customers' doorsteps within just 3 hours! Your customers will love the convenience, and you'll stand out from the competition.

b) Same-Day Delivery: No more lost sales due to long delivery times! Our same-day delivery service ensures that your delicate creations are delivered on the same day they're ordered, delighting your customers and increasing their loyalty.


2. Handling with Care

We understand the fragility of your products. uParcel takes extra care when handling delicate cakes and exquisite flower arrangements. We guarantee safe transportation, preserving the quality and aesthetics of your creations.


3. Simplified Delivery Solutions

Our delivery services are designed to make your life easier. Whether you need occasional deliveries or a consistent schedule, uParcel offers flexible options to meet your needs. Focus on your craft, and we'll take care of the logistics.


4. Transparent Tracking

Stay in the loop with real-time tracking. You and your customers can monitor the delivery progress, ensuring everyone is informed and satisfied. Our transparency builds trust and confidence in your brand.


5. Cost-Efficient Deliveries

uParcel's cost-effective services not only streamline your deliveries but also help you manage your expenses better. Save on operational costs and invest more in your cake and flower shop's growth.


Enhance Your Business Efficiency

1. Focus on Creativity

Let uParcel handle the logistics while you concentrate on what you do best – creating delightful cakes and stunning flower arrangements. Spend more time perfecting your products and less time worrying about deliveries.


2. Happy Customers, More Sales

Reliable and punctual deliveries lead to satisfied customers. Satisfied customers become loyal customers who return for more and recommend your shop to friends and family. uParcel helps you build a strong customer base.


3. Expand with Confidence

Whether you're thinking about opening new branches, diversifying your product range, or exploring new markets, uParcel supports your expansion plans. We offer the delivery solutions you need to grow your cake or flower business.


Let's Collaborate!

Elevate your cake and flower shop deliveries with uParcel today. To explore tailored delivery solutions or request a consultation, please contact our team at express@uparcel.in

Don't miss the opportunity to transform your business. Join uParcel and take your cake and flower shop to new heights!


Related Frequently Asked Questions

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There will be an option for you to select whether you would like to add agent in 'My Fleet' list after you make a review for the agent. You are able to see the list of your 'My Fleet' agents by clicking on the 'Favourite Agents' tab.
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You can ship anything*. From a surprise to your loved ones to returning that bad online purchase. *Please refer to our prohibited list of items in the terms and conditions. Dangerous items such as explosives, guns, drugs etc cannot be delivered, you shouldn't be holding on to them too!
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Senders have to pack their items into a single package appropriately to prevent damage and all parcels have to be sealed up completely. Our delivery agents will pick up the item as it is. If it is fragile such as cannot be dropped or thrown, please label fragile and bubblewrap your item properly. Please label the address and any special instructions such as "Do Not Bend" & "Fragile".