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Type Of Delivery
Up to 15km Distance
Size (cm/kg) 3 hours express Next Day Delivery Same Day Delivery
Documents ₹ 109 ₹ 88 ₹ 99
Up to 1kg ₹ 109 ₹ 88 ₹ 99
Up to 5kg ₹ 129 ₹ 98 ₹ 119
Up to 10kg ₹ 229 ₹ 198 ₹ 219
Up to 15kg ₹ 269 ₹ 210 ₹ 259
Up to 20kg ₹ 329 ₹ 299 ₹ 319
Up to 30kg ₹ 799 ₹ 659 ₹ 699
Up to 50kg ₹ 899 ₹ 759 ₹ 799
Up to 500kg ₹ 1199 - -
Up to 750kg ₹ 1299 - -
Up to 1000kg ₹ 1399 - -
Up to 2500kg ₹ 1499 - -
For Distance Above 15km
₹10 per additional km

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Please select parcel size based on weight. Please note that selecting the wrong parcel weight will result in surcharges and failed pickup fees if the parcel is unable to fit into our agent's vehicle. Additionally, for 'Documents' delivery, item has to be less than 500grams.

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uParcel Brand B Brand P
Favourite Fleet tick cross cross
Fees Flat Rates from ₹88*
On Demand Booking
Fixed Rate From ₹100
Estimated Price
From ₹200
Extra charge based on distance
Delivery Speed As Fast as 3 hours 1 - 3 Working Days Same Day Delivery
Contact Delivery Personnel tick cross cross
Live Tracking tick cross tick
Insurance Up to ₹100 cross cross

Contact express@uparcel.in for further details and volume discounts!*

Services Guidelines

Surcharges & Fees


Toll Service Fees

  • ₹40 - Cars/Jeeps
  • ₹65 - LMV
  • ₹130 - Trucks
  • ₹160 - Multi Axle Vehicles


Agents are only able to wait up to 15 minutes, any additional waiting time may by charged at ₹5/min

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Additional Services

Add-on to your delivery bookings with the following
special services:

  • Tick
    Digital Signature on D.O.
  • Tick
    Queue Service (Max. 35mins)
  • Tick
    Return Trip (2 Days)
  • Tick
    SMS Pincode to Recipient
  • Tick
    Verify Name and ID
  • Tick
    Fragile Items
  • Tick
    Manpower Moving (For Parcel Sizes 50kg or higher)
  • Tick
    Dismantle/Assemble x 1Pc (For Parcel Sizes 50kg or higher)
  • Tick
    No Lift Access

Tailored Services For U

Deliver with us and enjoy special tailored
services. Our delivery platform technology is
designed for both businesses and individuals.

Enjoy a fully customizable booking experience to
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Packing Guidelines

  • packaging_protection


    All contents have to be packed in a single sealed package. Senders are responsible for adequate packing protection.

  • loose_items


    Single items such as clothing must be wrapped, packed tightly and snugly. Ensure that the garments are folded neatly to reduce wrinkling during delivery.

  • electronics


    Valuable electronics devices must be wrapped tightly and securely. Please ensure that any electronics are turned off before packing.

  • fragile


    Please inform your delivery agent via WhatsApp or SMS when delivering fragile items, such as wine, alcohol bottles or cakes. Ensure that bottle caps are firmly tightened and external packaging is strong to hold the weight.

  • multiple_packages


    Multiple packages should be packed in carton boxes. Packaging must be tight and snug, please fill any empty spaces with filling materials (e.g. styrofoam, crushed paper)

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More Information

Please note that cancellations made after delivery request have been accepted and if agent is on the way to pick
up are subjected to 50% cancellation fee. Returning of parcel back to sender is charged at ₹88 or 50% of the
delivery size rate, whichever is higher. This is subjected to surcharges if any.

For more information related to booking a uParcel delivery (payment, delivery, insurance liability, etc.), kindly refer to our Terms & Conditions and FAQ. To ensure a smooth delivery for your parcels, please save a copy of our
Packing Guidelines.