Receive an extra ₹50 for every delivery completed

14 March 2024

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Exciting News for Our Agents: Earn an extra ₹50 for Every Delivery completed!

Are you ready to jumpstart your journey as a delivery agent? We have fantastic news for you! As a token of appreciation for joining our team, we are thrilled to introduce an exclusive incentive program designed just for you.

Here's the deal: For every delivery you complete with us, we'll reward you ₹50 extra on top of your regular earnings. 

But why stop there? Let's delve into why this incentive program is not to be missed:

1. Instant Gratification: Who doesn't love a little extra cash in their pocket? With our incentive program, you'll start earning rewards from your very first deliveries. It's an instant boost to your earnings and a great way to kick off your journey with us.

2. Motivation to Excel: We believe in recognizing and rewarding hard work. By offering this incentive, we aim to motivate our new agents to give their best right from the start. It's not just about the money; it's about the sense of achievement and pride in a job well done.

3. Encouragement for Growth: Your success is our success. We want to see you thrive and grow in your role as a delivery agent. By providing this incentive, we hope to encourage you to take on more deliveries, hone your skills, and become an integral part of our team.

So, what are you waiting for? Join our team today and start earning rewards with every delivery you make. With our ₹50 incentive for your every delivery, there's never been a better time to sign up and start earning with us.

Ready to get started? Visit our website or download our app to sign up as a delivery agent now. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to earn extra cash while doing what you love. We can't wait to welcome you aboard!

Promotion Ends on 31 July 2024. 

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